Academic Projects

Academic projects is an extension to the “Technical Training”. The objective of academic project is to provide real time hands on experience to our participants on the technology that they learn in the technical training. Most important and frequently used concepts such as front end development, validations, business layer programming, database programming etc will be implemented through a project.

The world is getting so dynamic now and most of the customers are looking towards Agile methodologies. Hence, we also provide a high level training in Scrum methodology before the projects gets initiated. We create small teams from our group of participants and help them execute the project using Scrum methodology.

Our approach for the academic project

  • We start with proper requirements analysis and documentation in the form of product backlog
  • Product roadmap and release planning
  • Sprint planning
    • Prioritizing the stories (requirements) for the current sprint
    • Estimate the stories in the form of story points
    • Defining the “Definition of Done” and “Acceptance Test Cases”
  • Implement the stories as per the sprint planning done
    • Review of the stories
  • Conduct retrospective to know what went well, what went wrong in the sprint
    • Make lessons learned from the sprint retrospective
  • Continue with next sprint
We provide close support to each individual in the team during their project implementation to enhance their understanding on both technology and the Agile methodology.

If you are looking for more information or a face to face meeting to discuss your training needs, please contact:

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