Q. How do I know whether I am eligible for PMP or PMI-ACP training?
A. We take care of your application form filling. We send you a sample application form prior to the training workshop and help you to fill that form. Once it is filled, we will review it and confirm if it is correct in all aspects. Once this is done, you are ready to submit your application after the training workshop is complete.
Q. What material will be provided for the trainings?
A. We provide standard courseware book for all our trainings. In addition to that, we also provide additional (optional) material that help for your preparation.
Q. Are there any practice tests provided?
A.Yes, we have a huge database of practice questions for our certification trainings. You will be provided with access to the practice tests. This access is unlimited until you pass the exam
Q. Will I get any post workshop support?
A. Absolutely, we constantly get in touch with you even after the workshop. We also will closely monitor your practice tests score and provide required support to increase your score in practice tests. Once you get consistent high score in the practice tests, we will confirm to you to block the exam slot.
Q. What if I cannot attend one or two days of the training?
A. We are very flexible with our participants and we value their money. So you can attend the days that you missed in the immediate next workshop without any additional payment.
Q. What are the payment options to pay the training fee?
A. You can pay through online transfer which is most prefered way. You can also pay through cheque in which case the cheque has to realize prior to the workshop commencing. You can also pay through cash. For any mode of payment, we will provide receipt for your payment.
Q. Will I get my money refunded if I cannot make it to the workshop after paying the fee?
A. Unfortunately no, the reason being, we pay the tax for the amount that you pay for your training. So we provide following 2 options in case you cannot attend after paying the fee. Option 1: you can come for our immediate next workshop. Option 2: you can nominate any of your friends or colleagues to adjust the money that you paid.
Q. Is there any pass guarantee scheme?
A. We provide all our support for your certification exam. We also provide you a detailed preparation plan. If you strictly follow our plan and guidelines, the probability of your success will be very high
Q. How long it will take for us to pass PMP and/or PMI-ACP?
A. For PMP it generally takes 6 to 8 weeks preparation with 3 hours minimum per day preparation and 8 to 10 full practice tests. For PMI-ACP minimum 2 weeks will be enough with 2 hours minimum preparation and 6 full practice tests.
Q. Do you provide corporate trainings also?
A. Yes, we provide customized corporate trainings also for all the courses available in our products suite. For more details, please fill your enquiry details here
Q. Are there any discount or package options?
A. Yes, we have different discount options such as "group of 5", "Early bird" and "PMI member discount". We also have combo option for PMP and PMI-ACP.