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What is CSPO, who can do that, Advantages and how to Get Certified?

CSPO ® (Certified Scrum Product Owner) is a Scrum certification provided by Scrum Alliance ( for those who wants to play the role of a Product Owner in a Scrum Team. This certification is globally recognized by various industries include: Information Technology, Automobile, Infrastructure, Manufacturing and many other industries across the world. 

CSPO course covers the following topics: Agile, Scrum fundamentals, and majority of non-Scrum topics that include: Product Discovery, Product Vision, Product Roadmap, Release Planning, Estimation, use stories, burndown and burn up charts etc. Primary focus of this certification to help the participants to understand the role of a Product Owner in depth by going through characteristics, Rights, Responsibilities, some common anti-patterns, what makes a Product Owner great Product OWner etc.

Product Owner role is a “Product” oriented role in Scrum team. Those who are passionate about building great products, working with stakeholders, entrepreneur mindset, innovative ideas to solve problems can best suited for this role. Anyone who has great Product experience with any specific domain such as Healthcare, Communications, Manufacturing, Travel etc can take up this role. 

Advantages of CSPO Certification:

  • This certification helps you understand how to deliver a Product iteratively and incrementally using Scrum.
  • It helps you to understand how to manage stakeholder expectations by closely working with them and how to work with the Development team.
  • CSPO certification has a very well established recognition across the world so your resume will have additional weightage because of this certification.

How to get CSPO Certified?

This certification needs a 2 days classroom training that is mandatory. As of now, there is no assessment exam for the CSPO Certification. The validity of this certificate is 2 years. After two years you can either do the next level A-CSPO which automatically renews your CSPO (and also CSM if you are already CSM certified in last 2 years)  or you can show 20 SEUs (Scrum Educational Units) and pay 100 USD to renew for the next two years. CSM is not mandatory to become CSPO.

How to find a Good Trainer to Attend CSPO Training?

Product Management is a complex area. So those who have strong Product mindset along with experience and in-depth understanding on how to develop Products using Scrum, only can provide you the knowledge. The more experience the trainer has, the more real-time scenarios and different situations he/she can bring to the classroom. This will expand the learning of the participants and helps in the actual Product development using Scrum. So if you decide to go for CSPO certification, check for the following in the Trainer and then decide:

  • Trainer’s Product Development knowledge and experience
  • Trainer’s Scrum knowledge
  • Whether the Trainer has any Large scale Scrum Product Development experience
  • How many training workshops he/she conducted
  • Feedback on the trainer (Linked in, facebook or any other source)
  • Trainer’s approach of the training
  • Post training support (Such as SEUs support, real-time implementation support

You can visit Scrum Alliance Website for more details on CSPO certification that include: Learning Objectives, Renewal Process, next levels of CSPO certifications etc.

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